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Want to Host a NeuWON Server?

Now you can!



Reliability: 90-100% Server Uptime

OS: Windows OR Linux W/ Wine

Connection Speed: >1 Megabit/s (Some Servers require more)


What am I hosting exactly?:

You will be hosting 1-4 different server's to help maintain uptime and accessibility.

The Servers that need hosting are as followed:

  • Routing_G1 Server
  • Routing_G2 Server
  • Directory Server
  • Firewall Detector Server
  • Factory Server


Neuwon Server Hosting Registration Form

Please Enter the information requested in order to apply for a hosting position which includes a sub-domain (*name*.neuwon.com)

  • Only visible to NEUWON Administrators

  • Enter the email address of the user who will be hosting the servers. (REQUIRED)

  • If there is a website hosted on your server please enter it

  • Please enter the IP address of the server that will be hosting (static ip is preferred but dynamic is fine)

  • Please enter the Country the server will be hosted in.

  • Please check the Servers you are offering to host

  • Please enter the percentage of which the server should be accessible to the public NOTE: having a low up-time percentage does not automatically drop you as a hoster

  • Use this box to type anything that might be important for NeuWON Administrators to know or any other information that you would like from us.

  • Please enter the date in which you are able to accept the server files and start hosting

  • Digital Signature stating that you will not share any files (executables, configurations, text files or anything from NeuWON) with ANYONE Except NeuWON Staff

  • By submitting, I agree that all info entered was done accurately & truthfully. I also agree that no files will be shared with anyone other than NeuWON Staff
    I accept: