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Games that are currently supported by the NuWON Network.

**NOTE: Games may show as working, but may not have any Game Server Host's at the moment**

Supported Game & Status
 Game  Tested & Working
 Half-life  Yes
 Homeworld & Cataclysm
 Alients vs Predators 2  Yes
 Empire Earth  Yes
 Arcanum  Yes
 Ultra CoolPool  Yes
 DarkReign 2  Yes
 StarTrek Armada  Yes
 Thrones of Darkness  Yes
 Vampires  Yes
 ARC  Yes
 Silencer  Yes
 Empire Earth  Yes
 Empire Earth AOC  Yes
 Ground control  Yes
 Nascar 3, Trucks & Demo  Yes
 Nascar 4  Yes
 Nascar Legends  Yes
 Nascar 2002  Yes
 Nascar 2003  Yes
 PBR   Needs Testing 
 PGA2000   Needs Testing 
 RedBaron 3D   Needs Testing 
 Swat 3, Demo, GOTY & EE  Yes
 Tribes 2   Needs Testing 
 TrophyBass 4   Needs Testing 
 Trophy Hunter 4 & 5   Needs Testing 
 StarFleet Command 2   Needs Testing 
 Soldier of Fortune   Needs Testing