How to Connect Tutorial


This is a general "How To" tutorial to explain the basic procedure for connecting your games to NeuWON Networks. Some games may require extra steps, those extra steps will be explained at the bottom of the procedure below.


 1.  Install ALL updates for the game until it is current/up to date. 

Note: Some game patches require older patches be installed before applying the newest patch.

If a patch says it is a full patch then you do not need to install previous patches because the full patch already contains all previos patches


2. Download the NeuWON patch for your game Located in the subcatagory (Neuwon Client Files) of the game from (Here)

Note: You can choose Installer (exe) or manual (zip)


 3. Install the Neuwon Client patch for your game.


 4. Open your game and start having fun!


***Some (not all) Neuwon Patches include game fixes