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About the recent Reliability

About the recent ReliabilityLately I have not been available to help anyone and i'm sure that irritated a lot of people.

For the past 1-2 months I was working on transitioning NuWON to Linux.  The reason for the transition was because I had noticed that windows not only uses a lot of resources, it actually seems to slow my network connection a bit.

I had run into many problems such as, reinstalling Linux 5-7 times until I got a good configuration that was everything I wanted and hadn't been corrupted by 'chmod 777 -R' (I know now that you should NEVER sudo that command..especially with the recursive flag)
Another HUGE issue was WINE.  WINE is a great system for most user applications but what I needed was for it to host the NuWON servers.  (I have yet to debug the WONAPI Linux test server to figure out why it crashes, otherwise I wouldn't need wine to run the servers)
The problem with WINE is that for some reason multiple servers (Auth and Directory) would run good for maybe an hour or 2 or 10 or even 24 hours.  But randomly the server would lose its port and nothing could connect to it.  Normally that wouldn't be a huge issue,  I could just have a script to monitor their output or use the factory server to monitor the Auth and Dir servers.  Then when the servers lost their ports the script or factory could restart them.

Restarting the Auth would be fine as there isn't a lot of things that are persistent on the server, unlike the directory server.  The DIR Server cant just be restarted when ever.  It holds a list of all the servers who have sent a heartbeat within the last 5 minutes.  Restarting that would mean losing the server list. Making the server dump the list before it restarted was an option but it was not a good one.  

Eventually I found a couple unofficial WINE patches that looked like they would fix my problem, and they did.  So the servers have been up for the last 3 days.

The only other thing I need to fix is the user control panel for the game network on the website; they appear to be non-functional.

With all that being said, I know people have been asking for help and I havn't been around.  I am hoping to get back on track and finish getting the games working and fixed.  Along with recruiting new players to help fill the servers up so its not empty when you log into a game.
Ben December 19 2021 239 Print