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Updated/Fixed WebSite! & Ground Control Patch

Updated/Fixed WebSite! & Ground Control PatchHey there guys!

I know it has been awhile since I last updated the place, even though I have noticed bugs everywhere on the webpage.
It took me about a month to redesign and manipulate everything to my liking. (pathetic, I know... I hate how abstract and convoluted phpfusion is...)

If anyone has any suggestions or problems; Please post them on the new forums! Please note that old forum postings did not carry over because I didnt want to spend another 2 hours rewriting the sql script to fit correctly with the newer phpfusion forum software..

In other news:

I have created a Patch for Ground Control Dedicated Server.

This Patch will fix the GCDS by sending NuWON it's external IP address instead of the servers internal IP address. The issue for users trying to run a GC Server was that the server would register itself with the NuWON Directory server using its internal IP address.
This meant that any user could see the server in the game list but could not join because the game would try joining using the server's internal IP.

The Patch for now is a simple winsock proxy dll.

Go grab it in the download section!
Ben June 11 2021 863 Print