date06-20-2015 08:22

Hey there fellow sierra game players.

I know it has been a few months since i posted anything on here, so here it is.

I've spent most of the free time i have working on the Half-Life downloadurl patch.

Progress is very good, I have the functions working correctly with the game and just need to finish the actual http request/download, Im sure There is a simple http/download C++ library somewhere, any suggestions?

Not a whole lot has been done to the server code, it is all working together nicely. I have worked a little on the authentication server, adding hl1 crc checking and a few other fixes to homeworld's protocol

Soon we will have our first host thanks to: Phorce Phed
I will post a complete list of compatible games.

(In order for all games to be supported I need to spread the server's out between 2 or 3 more hosts. Each game uses 1-4 routing servers for chat/match making.)

Hopefully someone will give me a hand with code, I need to organize everything better and another hand would be useful.

#1 8BitGordon
on August 01 2015 15:00:24
Very glad to hear that, I Thought the project was dead for a while After i noticed "Neuwon.net" and "Steamlessproject.nl3 aren't working Smile
#2 Terminator827
on August 22 2015 00:08:16
Nevermind my last post, i found one in c# as well. [Note i don't know any programming language outside of batch, but i'm learning!]
#3 8BitGordon
on August 25 2015 03:41:34
Google code is shutting down soon, just wanted to let you know if you want to move it to GitHub .
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