date02-17-2019 03:54

*NOTE*3/8 Fixed multiple websire issues!*END NOTE*

For the past 12-18 months this website has popped-up with sometime benign, mostly irritating problems.
This weekend (2/17) I managed to upgrade the CMS to a newer version. The idea was; updating the code should fix all those pesky bugs people have been complaining about. But like always it came with some challenges.


The first issue was the fact that I have heavily modified the code in order to implement features behind the scenes, such as automatically registering a user to the new PHPBB forum when they log in; That was no one has to register on the main website and then re-register on the forum. 


Another modification was the download page, it looked awful and I could not stand to go through a basic list/index of files with no subcategories.
I have ported most of the modification to the new CMS but there might still be issues.Please let me know if there are any problems you notice on the website by either commenting on this news article or private messaging me.


Lastly I have been talking about switching the forum over to PHPBB for almost 2 years now.  It is set up if you would like to check it out: https://neuwon.com/forums

You should be able to use your same username and password for logging into the forum. If it doesn't work, register through the forum.


I think that is all I have been up to. 

#1 ben
on February 17 2019 04:00:51
#2 DarkSynopsis
on February 25 2019 11:55:03
Had to register on the new forums, doesn't seem like any members made it across? at least the board only states there is 2 members atm.

Now that I'm logged in it just states "This board has no forums." must be some missing permissions since I could see them as a guest.
#3 ben
on March 09 2019 00:54:11
i fixed the phpbb problem
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