Hello fellow gamer's;

Lately i have not had much time to work on this project so it might look like its dead... ITS NOT!.
Every free time i have had has gone into the project.
For the most part I have been working on PHP scripts for managing user accounts.


1.) You can now Register a NeuWON account on the site.
2.) Link your network account to your website account
3.) Register a CDKey for which ever game requires one and lastly
4.) View the CDKeys that are associated with your account


I am planning on creating a complete client and network management system for administration of the network and  easy access for users to retrieve/modify their information.


Last but not least:
The half-life patch is done, I was trying to patch the client HLDS (the dedicated server that comes with the HL client) but it is giving me all sorts of problems. So instead of wasting any more time trying to make it work (just use the stand alone HLDS) i will just leave it be.

Tonight or tomorrow i will release both the Linux and Windows HLDS patches.
So keep an eye out for them.

I will release the Half-Life client patch sometime tomorrow or Sunday.

After that is completed and released I will focus on other games and work on improving the network.

#1 Gandorques
on September 27 2017 05:29:09
Thank you for your hard work!
I have my eyes on this project in hope that it ressurects the Multiplayer capabilities of Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption. :-)
#2 Terminator827
on October 03 2017 00:50:40
None of which has YET to pass.
#3 ben
on October 03 2017 07:41:33
Gandorques has the server files were just having issues with the verification key that goes into the registry because of how 64bit windows registry is setup.. but once that problem is fixed the game will work..

as for the hl patch. Im having 1 stupid problem that just popped up recently.. my url dl code for some reason wont download wad files and im having trouble pinning down the problem
#4 Slippery Jim
on January 12 2018 20:07:26
People in the Swat 3 community are eager to see what magic you can come up with. Thanks Ben!
#5 samspin
on October 26 2018 05:37:22
Gandorques: you and me both! As both Tunngle and Evolve are closing/already closed, I and a small group of players are having a lot of trouble playing this game (Vampire the Masquerade Redemption) online. Right now I've managed to get to the point that the patched version of VTMR will let me *try* to login, it recognises my NeuWON username but not my password, presumably because VTMR does not support special characters. NeuWON's password change page does not work, it only allows to me "reset password" and gives me a random one in an email with characters that are not supported. Someone please fix it to allow passwords to be set by the user so that they are compatible?
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