date02-13-2017 05:17

I have finally managed to fix the script to transition people to the new phpbb forums (which have no catagories yet so i will not redirect until that part is done)

So all you need to do is login to the website like you normally would and everything will be ready for you when i switch the website forum to phpbb

also there is something severely fucked up with the website for some reason.. the style sheet got screwed up somehow.

Also i managed to port this nice theme to the newest php-fusion 9. so i will also be switching the site from php fusion 7 to 9 within a week or two


The reason the half-life patch has not been released yet is because I was working on a cleaner version of the code.

The way i wrote original patch was terrifying to look at and debug. So in my free time I created the patch from scratch which enabled me to include both the software version and hardware version (sw.dll and hw.dll) of the patcher in the same binary.

The patch is SOO much easier to read it is insane.

chances are though that i screwed some things up when i remade the patch so i need to make sure everything works and fix what doesnt before i can release it.

#1 ben
on October 02 2017 22:09:04
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