date06-20-2014 12:25

The NEUWON.NET Website is finally public!
It is currently in the works and not completely finished, therefore expect changes in the theme.

We need you!
to host the directory, dbproxy, and most importantly: Routing server (Both generation 1 and 2)for games that require it for their lobby and ability to find game servers.
Games that require a routing server:
Startrek armada
Homeworld & Cataclysm
Darkreign 2
and a few others

Currently supported games:
Games listed above
Half-life (Need Master, Mod and Chat server hosts!)
EmpireEarth(Partnering with NEOEE.net)
Ground Control
Aliens VS Predator 2

The Beta testing of the updated Authentication server will launch within 5 days.

Thank you for checking us out and come back frequently for more news, game patch's and other updates!

#1 8BitGordon
on April 30 2015 01:16:43
Sure you don't need a fool like me =P
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