Welcome to NuWON!
date05-06-2019 07:20
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PLEASE NOTE: I am having issues with the neuwon.com ssl certificate and am working on getting apache to redirect neuwon.com to nuwon.net


please make sure you are on https://nuwon.net as the certificate is valid and working.


I cannot seem to figure out the issue relating to renewing neuwon.com.  Certbot keeps telling me it cannot find the object (what ever that means..)


Just so you are aware, neuwon.com and nuwon.net are infact the same exact website, one has a certificate issue and th ... read more

date02-17-2019 03:54
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*NOTE*3/8 Fixed multiple websire issues!*END NOTE*

For the past 12-18 months this website has popped-up with sometime benign, mostly irritating problems.
This weekend (2/17) I managed to upgrade the CMS to a newer version. The idea was; updating the code should fix all those pesky bugs people have been complaining about. But like always it came with some challenges.


The first issue was the fact that I have heavily modified the code in order to implement features behind the scenes, such as automatically registering a user to the new PHPBB forum when they l ... read more

date02-15-2019 23:33
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Many people emailed me to ask what happened with NuWON.
The recent downtime started around January 25th and lasted until February 12th; about 19 days.
The issue started when the weather dropped below -20°F; . That caused the cable lines that feed into the building to freeze and break. Some how or another water manages to seep into the the wire coating. Been an issue for awhile and Spectrum just keeps neglecting it.
Thankfully the lines got fixed and all is back to normal.If there are any issues please message or email me!

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I am dropping the 'e' from NeuWON

The new name will be NuWON.

When i first created this project, I didnt have any good ideas for a name.

This led me to think of something along the lines of 'new' 'won'.

What came out of that was NeuWON.

I think the 'e' in the name is kind of...stupid?

After noticing more and more company and product names using 'nu' as a prefex; I decided that NuWON sounded MUCH better.

I will be keeping neuwon.com but I have already registered NuWON.net

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Neuwon Half-Life Patch is finally released!

Its been a few years that some of you have waited, but it is finally here!

below you will find the links for the client patch, hlds patch and linux hlds patch.

For a list of changes/fixes go to the download page

NOTE: Antivirus software will say this is a virus because it injects half-life ... read more

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Hello fellow gamer's;

Lately i have not had much time to work on this project so it might look like its dead... ITS NOT!.
Every free time i have had has gone into the project.
For the most part I have been working on PHP scripts for managing user accounts.


1.) You can now Register a NeuWON account on the site.
2.) Link your network account to your website account
3.) Register a CDKey for which ever game requires one and lastly
4.) View the CDKeys that are associated with your account
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