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No servers in the list
i installed the won2 and neuwon patches and i have one server there:TFC server [EU] or some thing. thats all i have.
please help
im not so sure there are many half life servers yet as a little while ago i was having problems getting keys and logins and such to work with the neuwon installer, Ben as the gentleman he is fixed it!!

hmm, i will investigate putting a counter-strike server online however i am in australia so it may be a little laggy, who knows.
I believe there is only 1 TFC (Neo-TF) server up for Half-life at the moment.. I'm thinking about advertising NuWON using the WON2 Master server List.

I would advertise by creating a bunch of empty servers with host names that would tell people to try switching to NuWON. If a person tried joining the empty server it will have an MOTD explaining what NuWON is, the benefits NuWON has over WON2/Steamless, What the patch fixes or adds and how to connect.

Infact, I am going to try doing this right now.
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