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Auth server down? Trying to host Homeworld (HWDS) server
Hey, first of all thank you so much for this amazing project! I'm trying to host a Homeworld HWDS server on Amazon WS. I've configured it as much as I can/have copied the WON AuthVerifierKey regkey to WOW6432node which fixed an earlier error. Using the default user/pass in the zip, in eventviewer I'm getting:

Bad status in Login reply: -1504.  Trying next AuthServer.

Also when I try to log in on Homeworld (using the included nocd in the NeuWon patch) I see this
"Your version of Homeworld is not authentic. Hit cancel and try again :)"

(using the NeuWon account I have created/linked on this site)

I tried downloading ARC and it's showing "Authentication Failed: WS_AuthServ_CRCFailed"

Unrelatedly in the HWDS I get
Parse of Dir Registration Config has failed, no registrations processed. Reason=Unexpected token: INSERT_DISPLAYNAME (HWDSName.cfg:6) File=HWDSName.cfg
Whatever display name/description I put in the .cfg I get the same error.

I've tried reinstalling/patching both games as directed on this site. IDK what else to try at this point. Is it me or a server issue? Thanks!
It's not an problem on your end. I need someone to host the routing servers for homeworld and arc.. I'm already hosting 5 routing servers, directory server, auth server, firewall server and db server.. my bandwidth is at capacity..

Want to host the routing servers for those two games?
I'm kind of a hosting noob but if they can both coexist on the Amazon WS t2.micro I can host them at least until today next year, when the free trial runs out lol. I see 200mbps up/down from that instance so hopefully it's adequate. I'll leave the HWDS server up on it to find out e:
e: The ARC server returns Unable to verify version, even when offline (although could be connection issue). Still getting the same errors and no token on the HW server. Understand you're busy so whenever you have time haha
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I Can host all the necessary server on my cloud if you need.

Just let me you and Ben will give me all the necessary files to setup the servers
replace hwdsname.cfg with this stuff:

      Path: /Homeworld/HWDS
      "my server name"
         DataType: Description
         "server description here"
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