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Website issues.
* If you try to visit the homepage of the project, a security message shows up saying "your internet connection isn't private", preventing users from visiting the site.
* The site also goes down occasionally.

Are you aware of these issues?
i dont know of any private connection issues but, the forum has been going up and down alot, not sure what is going on
hmmm, i think the web server is mighty unhappy, website has been going down a ton this week and last week as well
sorry guys ive been working alot lately

when work is done i usually have an hour maybe 2 to myself before my child comes home from school.

i usually only have every other weekend to get things done but since i have a job now. I usually have chores and other things to do; i rarely spend time on this at the momment. I am looking into trying to fix all these issues this weekend.

sorry for the late response!
its no problem!! life first haha Smile

just wanted to add, i have tried to change my password but it does not seem to be working correctly, it doesnt change it at all Sad
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