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Questions about starting hosting
Greetings, I have a couple of questions cause i wanted to host a gameserver in my dedicated pc.


What am I hosting exactly?:
You will be hosting 1-4 different server's to help maintain uptime and accessibility.

The Servers that need hosting are as followed:
Routing_G1 Server
Routing_G2 Server
Directory Server
Firewall Detector Server
Factory Server

Q1: Is necessary to select all of them in the board down here? Reading "You will be" and "that need" doesn't look like optional.


Select Server Types (check all that apply)
Directory Server ( 3 spots open)
Routing Server (gen1 and gen 2)
Firewall Server
Half-life Master Server (3 spots open)
Half-life Mod Server ( 3 spots open)
Half-life Secure Server (4 spots open)

Q2: If i only select Half-Life Mod Server for just opposing force, what happens?
Q3: What is suppose to do Half-life Secure Server? Does wonid ban work properly?
Q4: What do i select for a AVP2 server.
Offtopic question: Can Swat3 launch dedicated servers? Or it's just listenserver? wanted a 24/7 sv.
Thanks and sorry to bother.
Hey there

answer 1: The servers that are shown in that form are all optional.
answer 2: The Mod Server is a general server that allows the half-life client to query the server for mods that a client may or may not have.

answer 3: The secure server is not yet complete, it might be awhile...

answer 4: The AVP2 server...if you are talking about running a dedicated server then the software should already come with AVP2.

Same thing with swat3, i think you can download the dedicated server from fileplanet or some place.

That form you were looking at is just for hosting the servers that the network requires to support all games (not dedicated game servers)
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