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Homeworld WON2?
I tought i try out NeuWon, what and trying to make a user on Homeworld and connectiong to it. It says that Server is down and come back later.
When the server will be up?
Sorry about that, it is up. The server shut itself down 2 weeks ago and i didnt notice for awhile.
is the system still working?
I've patched Homeworld with the Neuwon patch, but when i connect to Internet i get told that "your version of HW is not authentic"!
I assure you it is, i have the original cd in the drive :-)
A packet capture shows i'm going to dir1.neuwon.com:



The server then sends a FIN to close the connection.

i need to release the new homeworld patch for connecting to NuWON, it requires a new cdkey which will be allocated to you when you install the patch.

Currently in my next free time, I need to complete the ground control dedicated patch.

I believe I have everything ready to get packed up into the installer for HW and cataclysm; but im not sure. if it is all ready, ill work on that first considering it wont take more than 5 minutes to complete and upload if that is the case.

I wont be able to work on NuWON again until this weekend.

also, this is NuWON (i dropped the e from neuwon) not won2 Pfft
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